1. “It’s Business, It’s Personal” highlights the critical importance of the power of having a Vision, how to bring it to life and how it impacts everyday life and success.

2. “It’s Business, It’s Personal” gives a deep dive into the process of Vision setting, which allows you to identify winning strategies and all of this raises the likelihood that your Vision will come to life.

3. “It’s Business, It’s Personal” gives insights into how to drive organizational excellence, which is a critical factor in order for you or for any organization to deliver any vision or strategy.

4. “It’s Business, It’s Personal” gives real-life examples from the business world, which help to demonstrate the entire process of vision setting, strategy formulation, deployment and driving excellence in execution.

5. “It’s Business, It’s Personal” has 42 “Vital Tips” and 13 “Food for Thought” which are intuitions that helps to exemplify discussion on Vision setting, its deployment and how Organizational Excellence helps deliver it.

6. Excellent source of knowledge for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and start-ups, which are critical source of growth for developing countries as well as developed countries.

7. In organizational excellence Part II, many cautions, watch-outs and insights into how to raise your performance game as an employee, entrepreneur or owner of an existing business.

8. Competition is getting very fierce, margin of error is becoming razor thin – it is now becoming critical that we have laser-focused strategies and a culture of excellence to deliver optimal business results.

9. Change is happening across the globe, it is important to proactively embrace this change; else we may not exist for too long. This concept is depicted using four examples of companies who accepted change with varying degree of commitment and its resulting impact.

10. Many books are written on vision, on strategies, on organizational excellence, but this is one unique book which strings all these concepts in a concise, example filled logical sequence that helps any person, business or otherwise, to apply them and achieve success.

11. In my book “It’s Business, It’s Personal”, I introduced a new analogy/concept of achieving sustainable and extraordinary business success, i.e. explained using the concept of “Why some art piece are considered “masterpieces”?”

12. Majority of concepts I have used in my book are from my personal as well as professional life. They have played a critical part in helping me achieve success in my business, social work and personal life.

13. By incorporating both ‘direction setting’ and ‘organizational excellence’ you create an organization, which is a “masterpiece”. Together they create a combination that is lethal and acts as a formidable weapon in today’s highly competitive business environment.

14. Any “Masterpiece” in art is made up two things, outline of the picture (which I call plans or direction setting), and the color in the masterpiece (which I call organizational excellence). Without either of these, the painting can never be called a “masterpiece” and neither any business can be successful.