The “back story” that inspired me to write this book?

In my nearly 3 decades with P&G and Gillette, I have spent nearly 2 decades in leadership positions such as Finance Manager, Deputy General Manager and Chief Executive Officer. Here I had the opportunity to experience a very professional and tested way of coming up with a vision, outlining its goals, defining its associated strategies and their respective measures.

As I grew in P&G, I realized the true power of setting a formidable vision and the importance of organizational excellence, which has helped this amazing company to survive, grow and challenge its competition for over one and a half centuries. This is no simple accomplishment and has been possible due its strong focus on creating a culture of excellence, systems and processes for creating and deploying vision and strategies and finally tracking them to make sure they are delivered.

I have been talking to large audiences on the impact of vision and strategies locally and internationally. The idea to write this book came right after I appeared as a guest speaker at one of the seminars at the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP), Lahore Chapter.

Post seminar I was bombarded with requests to recommend a book, which covered what I had basically just presented. Amazingly I could not think of any! Everything I have learned is from my professional as well as personal experience of working for P&G and Gillette and from exploring business books and research articles.

There are many books written on vision as well as on strategies, but I have not yet come across a single book, which not only guides its reader to come up with a vision, teaches how to identify strategies but also gives insights on how to drive ‘organizational excellence’. Hence the idea of writing my own book was born.