Synopsis of the Book:

‘It’s Business, It’s Personal’ covers the A to Z of ‘direction setting’ all the way through to ‘organizational excellence’, without which any vision or business plan is powerless.

This book is divided into two parts and each compliments the other. The following analogy of a masterpiece in art explains the tightly woven relationship between the two parts of the book.

For any painting to be classified as a masterpiece, two elements need to be present. The basic outline or sketch of the painting, this I call the ‘direction setting’ process. The color and shades in the painting is what I refer to as ‘organizational excellence’. Without either, the painting will not look or feel the best and will definitely not win against competition and be considered a ‘Masterpiece’.

The outline and sketch of the painting makes up Part I of this book and is all about ‘direction setting’. Part II is focused on ‘organizational excellence’, which as I mentioned before make up the colors and shades in ‘direction setting’ and gives it life.

By incorporating both ‘direction setting’ and ‘organizational excellence’ you create an organization, which is a “Masterpiece”. Together they create a combination that is lethal and acts as a formidable weapon in today’s highly competitive business environment. Nothing substantial can ever be delivered if either one of them is missing.