Footprint of Saad Amanullah Khan as of January 1st, 2016

I am member of the following organization’s Advisory Board or Executive Board:

1. Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP), its President
2. Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), its Founder and Chairman
3. Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE), its fund raising committee President
4. National of Entrepreneur Working Group (NEWG), its Founder and General Secretary
5. Jinnah Hospital Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF), Executive Board Member
6. Agha Khan University Hospital Annual Giving Committee, its Founder member.
7. South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA), its Founder and Chairman
8. I AM KARACHI Society, its founding member and General Secretary
9. Victims Assistance Program (VAP), Board Member
10. Peace Through Prosperity, Advisory Board Member
11. AIESEC, Advisory Board Member
12. Naya Jeevan, Board Member
13. LettuceBee Kids, Board Member
14. LADIESFUND, Board Member
15. EcoEnergyFinance, Board Member
16. The Corporate Advisory Council (COC) – NUST, Board Member
17. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Advisory Board Member
18. Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology Incubation & Commercialization (CINETIC), NED University, Advisory Board member

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1 Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP):

PILAP is a non-political, not-for-profit organization that will ensure that public interest practice is institutionalized and sustained. It will bank on its own resource of full time and volunteer lawyers having different specialties. PILAP has a National Executive Committee and will also have executive committees in all major cities and regions in due course of time. These Committees will oversee the offices and management of PILAP in their respective cities and regions.


2 Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF):

An apolitical, private-sector-driven and funded, donor-supported platform with focus on driving and creating an “Innovation” eco-system in Pakistan. Program include awareness activates, seminars, X-prize type challenges in institutions and conferences to build capacity and create a shared vision for innovation in the country.


Founder & Chairman
3 Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE):

Provides services of health and education for the poor and needy in Pakistan. The major activities of HOPE includes provision of health care through hospitals and maternal and child health centers. In addition education for children is provided through formal and informal schools. Vocational centers provide computers and vocational training for youth.


Founder and President of Helper of HOPE (fundraising committee)
4 National Entrepreneurship Working – Group (NEWG): NEW-G is a private sector initiative for the promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Pakistan. Among its objective is to formulate a national entrepreneurship strategy, support the development of enabling conditions for the growth of entrepreneurship in Pakistan, convene Pakistan’s educational, business, regulatory and social-sector stakeholders for sharing ideas, information and knowledge to drive the entrepreneurship agenda and coordinate and lead advocacy initiatives.


Founder & General Secretary
5 Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF – JPMC):

A non-political organization with a focused agenda of providing millions of improvised in Pakistan with basic medical attention absolutely free of cost who visit Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC). Currently working on starting up the Cyber-knife cancer treatment project.

Member of Executive Board;;
6 Annual Giving Committee (AKUH):

A group of eminent citizens and well-wishers joined hands to collect fund for the needy and poverty stricken patients at Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH). The hospital provides health facilities to all members of society and every year, more than 1,000,000 patients with diverse and often complex problem seek medical care.


Founding Board Members
7 South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA):

SEALA’s mission is to establish a network of high potential leaders from business, government and civil society from nine South and Southeast Asian countries in order to enhance the personal and professional development of the participants, foster new ideas and opportunities, and improve economic development and cooperation across the region.


Founding Board Members and Current Chairman of Board
8 I AM KARACHI Society (IAK):

A platform for likeminded organizations and individuals committed to promoting socio-cultural activities and campaigns as vehicles for peace building through Arts, Culture, Sports and Dialogue. IAK vision is to inculcate hope, pride and ownership in the citizens of Karachi to collectively strive for a peaceful and vibrant city


Founding Member & General Secretary
9 Victims Assistance Program (VAP):

The VAF’s philosophy is to rehabilitate the victims of violence in every way possible. From Economic and Physical Rehabilitation to Mental Rehabilitation and Vocational Training, the VAF will attempt to rehabilitate victims of violence in a way that makes them self-reliant and independent in every way possible.


Board Member  


10 Peace Through Prosperity (PTP):

We provide and promote an entrepreneurial and prosperity lead approach to preventing radicalization of the most at risk communities in society. We started by supporting cobblers to increase their revenues and profitability with the PTP mini-MBA program and create a safe space for dialogue around issues related to radicalization.


Advisor & President of Street Vendor Association
11 AIESEC (Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales):

An international nonprofit organization that provides young people with leadership opportunities to develop themselves into global leaders with an urge to make a difference in society.


Advisory Board Member


12 NAYA JEEVAN: A not-for-profit social enterprise that is dedicated to rejuvenating the lives of low-income families throughout the emerging world by providing them with affordable access to quality, catastrophic healthcare via affordable health insurance.


Board Member

A project aimed to enable children on and of the street to reach their full potential by providing psychological, emotional, material and social support. It is a self-sustaining, self sufficient adobe of safety and comfort that supports growth, sociability, self actualization and lifelong ties with that place, with each other and with the society.


Board Member
14 LADIESFUND:  An initiative to provide financial security to women and to promote and train women entrepreneurs. It aims to integrate the entrepreneurial needs based on economic and social aspects of the local communities, with respect to greater women participation in the workforce. Advisor and Supporter


Board Member

EcoEnergy provides affordable renewable energy products to Pakistan’s energy poor in order to improve quality of life and income generating opportunities. Run by Jeremy Higgs. Motto: “everyone deserves energy


Board Member


16 The Corporate Advisory Council (COC) – NUST:

Formed in 2010, with the simple mandate of having a positive impact on the socio-economic development of Pakistan through active engagement with the Industry. The CAC has developed linkages with industrial and business enterprises across nine Sectors of the economy.


Board Member
17 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Forum Pakistan:

Is a nonprofit body and has been established to advance the interest of profession and the HR professionals. The robust interaction between professionals help in sharing of local best practices, continuous professional development, solidifies professional relationship building and ultimately the success at individual and organization level.


Advisory Board Member
18 Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology Incubation & Commercialization (CINETIC), NED University:

To provide not just physical facilities but also professional expertise which includes basic infrastructure, utilities, mentoring from faculty advisors & entrepreneurs, networking with high profile professionals from industries and excess to financers along with all marketing and launching support .


Advisory Board Member
In addition, I am also an active advisor or help raise funds for the following organizations:

  1. Sub-e-Nau
  2. Teach for Pakistan
  3. Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities (NOWPDP)
  4. Family Education Services Foundation (FESF)
  5. Possibilities Foundation
  6. Knowledge Electricity
  7. Estanara Magazine
  8. Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center (KITCC)
  9. Charter of Compassion – Pakistan
  10. SOS Villages
  11. Invest2Innovate
  12. Acumen Fund
  13. INJAZ
  14. Karwan-e-Hayat
  15. Karachi Business School Business and Leadership
No Organization & its description Position Website
1 Subh-e-Nau:

Disability and Rehabilitation Program was is a one of a kind community based rehabilitation project, along with institutional linkages with over sixteen national and international institutions. It’s specialize in rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients and help them with livelihood intervention.


2 Teach for Pakistan:

A nationwide movement of graduates and young professionals who will commit two years to teach in under-resourced schools and go on to become lifelong leaders working from across all fields to expand educational opportunity.


3 Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities (NOWPDP):

Aims to make a significant difference to the quality of life and welfare of persons with disabilities by the provision of strategic support augmenting the functioning of organizations working for, and with, such persons across Pakistan.


4 Family Education Services Foundation (FESF):

FESF is a non-profit, educational organization working in Pakistan since 1984, committed to enhancing the quality of life and education of those who are disadvantaged. FESF provides educational services to some of the most neglected sectors of Pakistan’s society, with particular focus on Deaf children and youth. The organization’s main projects are: Deaf Reach Program, Move Program, Eduserve Training Program and Community Services Program.


5 Possibilities Foundation:

To unleash possibilities of learning, sharing and growing for the most deprived people of the community. We aim to infuse motivation, hope and enthusiasm in life by running world-class ‘success coaching’ and ‘personality development / learning’ interventions in primary / high schools, colleges and universities students.


6 Knowledge Electricity: 

Knowledge Electricity’s vision is to create solutions for propagating energy consumption efficiency through consumer engagement, energy education and promotion of energy efficient products & practices in Pakistan. Run by Faizal Rasool and Wardah Inam.


7 Estanara Magazine:

People with Disabilities (PWDs) are viewed as a burden on our society. They are looked upon as “difficult” to integrate in to schools, workplaces, and public spaces. Society is quick to assume that PWDs are “lazy”, “unwilling to work”, or “looking for pity”; but it is the same society that fails to provide PWDs with equal access to opportunities.


8 Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center (KITCC): Organization was founded in 1996 by Mr. Muhammad Iqbal who lost his only son, Kashif Iqbal at the age of 16 due to the disease of Thalassemia.  Today, with 16 affiliated centers across Pakistan, this trust serves countless children and adults by educating them on this disease, its awareness & prevention programs, and providing blood transfusion and testing facilities.


9 Charter of Compassion – Pakistan:

Charter for Compassion Pakistan is a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the center of our lives, it is a document that was drafted by a multi-faith, multi-national council of thinkers and leaders. The Charter for Compassion initiative is the result of Karen Armstrong’s win of the 2008





Social welfare organization providing orphans and abandoned children a home, good nurturing and a fair chance in life.




11 Invest2innovate:

Invest2Innovate supports startup communities in growth markets, and has been operating in Pakistan since 2011. We believe that startup communities are forming all over the world, but more fragile or nascent markets can disable and hinder that entrepreneurial growth.


Advisor & Mentor to their cohorts
12 Acumen Fund:

We believe solving the problems of poverty starts by standing with the poor. Our manifesto serves as a compass for the kinds of leaders we hope to be and a reflection of the values required to take on the world’s biggest problems.





An initiative of the Aman Foundation, which works to bridge the gap between the educational field and the market place through co curricular programs that empower the youth.


Advisor & Mentor to their Cohorts
14 Karwan-e-Hayat:

Karwan-e-Hayat is a non-profit welfare organization established in 1983 and registered under the 1984 Companies’ Ordinance. Certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy. Karwan has worked diligently ever since inception in providing treatment and rehabilitation services to poor and underprivileged mentally ill patients. It is the only NGO, which provides free or heavily subsidized OPD and inpatient facilities.





15 Karachi School of Business Leadership:

A business school, which strategically collaborates with the Cambridge Judge Business School, was established under the Karachi Educational Initiative as a modern institution which is providing international standard business education to students and “create a cadre of capable and transformational leaders for Pakistan.


Mentor to their business students