PART I (Direction Setting):

The book starts with the concept of dreamers or visionaries, how they operate and impact the world we live in. The ‘direction setting’ process formally starts with having a mission or as we say ‘the reason to exist’.

It explains the key attributes of a Mission statement, how to write a Mission statement for your business as well as how Mission statement evolve over time. This is followed up with a discussion on vision and goals, why are they important, how they are created and how can we make them impactful.

Then comes the critical part of defining strategies and tactics; strategies are the action needed to deliver your vision—how does one go about creating strategy, why are they important, what is the difference between strategy and tactics, etc.

All this discussion is intermingled with real life examples to help internalize the learning. This is followed by the concept of measures and the importance of tracking your vision and strategies. A key aspect of deployment of your vision and strategies is examined in detail as well as watch-outs and pitfalls that you may fall prey to as you work toward delivering your vision.

Final discussions in this section are on executional excellence and celebrating success, two critical factors, which are necessary to make sure quality and motivation of the teams, remain intact throughout the process.