PART II (Organizational Excellence):

Having the presence of organizational excellence in the culture of any company is what helps bring vision and strategies to life. In this section, we start by introducing organizational or corporate culture and the vital role it plays in driving behavior and attitudes, as well as in setting the ‘smell of the place’.

This discussion is followed by another important concept, which acts as the foundation of any culture, the notion of ‘values’; how to implement them, how to bring them to life, including examples from renowned companies as well as real life personal examples of the role values play in driving a winning and sustainable culture.

Other topics reviewed in this section include discussion on ‘leadership’, ‘trust’ as well as some key insights from Jim Collins book ‘Good to Great’ applied to individual performances and leadership. Particular chapters have been dedicated on how to raise the bar of your personal performance, striving to be the best and the role experiences, intuition and gut feelings play in making you effective.

Final chapter of Part II is on embracing change where the theory of change and its pitfalls are discussed in detail including four case studies which will helps you to understand and internalize the learning’s on how different companies managed ‘change’ and how it impacted their sustainability and operational excellence.