“It’s Business, It’s Personal” is an essential guide for any entrepreneur or business owner who is trying to establish a successful company.

It is critical for any businessperson trying to start a new business, to run an established or leading an organization to be able to set the right mission, vision and strategies; direction setting.

The direction setting although critical but nothing will be delivered if the business will not benefit unless there is organizational excellence at every level of the organization. By this we mean to have bias towards action, passion to win, ownership behavior, value driven decision making, meritocracy, high level of commitment and dedication.

The author’s vast experience makes him a valuable source of knowledge for anyone trying to strengthen his or her business vision, strategy formulation, deployment and delivery, as well as organizational excellence.

The individuals that can benefit from this book include:

Starting a Business                           Entrepreneur                        Start-up CEO
CEO of Existing Business                 Businessperson                    Student
Manufacturer                                     Corporate Leader                 Trader
Public Sector Leader                         Social Entrepreneur             Educationist
School/College Owners                     Industrialist                          Government
Owner of a Family Business