The topics covered in this book will remain relevant today, tomorrow and far into the future.  Reason is that they are not time or technology dependent. The concept of direction setting to get thousands of employees all aligned and focused on the same vision and goals is universal.

Similarly the concept that drives organizational excellence in any business are universal as they are dependent on human psyche and behavioral theories.

Topics covered in this book are relevant, are current news topics, impacts our society, the world, or life in general because:

  1. The book is an excellent source of knowledge for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and start-ups, which are critical source of growth for developing countries as well as developing countries.
  2. In organizational excellence Part II, many cautions, watch-outs and insights into how to raise your performance game as an employee, entrepreneur or owner of a business.
  3. Competition is getting very fierce, margin of error are becoming razor think – critical that we have laser focused strategies and a culture of excellence to deliver optimal business results.
  4. Change is happening across the globe, it is important to proactively embrace this change; else we may not exist for too long. This concept is depicted using four examples of companies who accepted change with varying degree of commitment and its resulting impact.
  5. The use or application of the topics contained in this book are relevant to private or public business, social enterprises, large multinationals, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, government organizations and ministries, etc.